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Mr. Doolan's 1st


To all Our Holy Communion Boys and their Families,

The staff of St. Patrick's Boys are thinking about you all today (Saturday 22nd of May) on what should have been your First Holy Communion Day.

We will celebrate this special day in time, but for now, please know we are thinking of you.

Anita Kelleher and all at St. Patrick's B.N.S.

Mr. Doolan's 1st Class

Dear Parents, Guardians & First-Class Boys,
It was a great to see some of you at our second class video meeting on Friday. Like our first video call, I loved hearing some your news and that you are all doing well. I hope that you are all helping out around the home. We are now past the middle of May and June will be upon us before we know it.

Here are some learning activities for home for this week If possible, try to spend 30-60 minutes or more each day completing some of these tasks. I hope you are all still helping out at home and showing kindness in your thoughts, words and actions.
My email address is Please feel free to contact me if you want to send me an email with pictures of your learning or have any queries and I will respond to you as soon as I can.  Mr. O' Driscoll  our class support teacher can be emailed at

I can’t wait to hear all the kind and helpful ways that you have been helping out when we return. Remember our school motto, “Ó gach duine, a dhícheall” (From every person, their best).

Stay safe,
Seán Doolan, Tim O' Driscoll, Patrycja Michnik.

Learning Area

25th- 29th May


Starlight Core Reader and Starlight Workbook are available on the Folens Website.

Starlight Core Reader- Report ‘The Incredible Giraffe’ P32-35. Read a page a night, following the words with your finger. Chat about the picture. If you can stick a new word on the fridge. Try to use the new word during the week.
Starlight Skills Book. P34 & 35. All questions.
Revise week 8 of spellings, chat about the words, put them into sentences orally

In free writing copy, pick 2 words from week 8 in spellings copy each day and put it into a sentence (capital letters, finger spaces, full stops)

Talk about this summer scene and answer the questions
Try this “What Am I” game with members if your family


Busy at Maths Book is available on the CJfallon Website
Busy at Maths, p56, 57, 58,
Figure It Out Book is available on the CJfallon Website
Figure It Out, p 28, 40, 42
Revise Times Tables
Get fit and see can you count to 100


Bun Go Barr Book is available on the CJfallon website

Bun go Barr, Revise second half of Chapter 5 “Ar Scoil” and go over vocab ‘Cuir mear ar…’
Here are some audio clips that accompany chapter 5 in Bun go Barr


What a Wonderful World! Revised. Book available online at CJfallon
What a Wonderful World! Revised. p21. Light
What a Wonderful World! Revised. P36. A plan of a village
What a Wonderful World! Revised p38-39. The Children of Lir

There are some cool quizzes that you might like to check on the National Geographic Kids Website

Time to Create!

We are asking all boys to create an acrostic poem using their names with their families. It can be anything positive about school or at home. It can be a picture of a copy page or of an artistic poster style poem
- main word - anything to do with school/home
School, yardtime, friends, closure, lockdown, lessons, uniform etc

Here is an example that Buddy did about school.

B  est friends I have in school
U   p and down the steps to yard
D    oing our best everyday
D    ancing, playing, having fun
Y    ou are welcome in our school.

Please take a picture and ask mum/dad to help you email it to

They will be put in a video and shared here and on the school facebook page at the start of June. So get some help, get creating. Mr. Horgan can't wait to see your ideas.


Being kind to other is one of the most actions that you will ever do in your whole entire life. Watch this video on why you should be kind to others.

Being able to identify your emotions and the emotions of others is very important. It shows how you or others are feeling. See can you identify all of these emotions and explain why you think you that you selelcted the correct emotions

Homework journal can now be a daily good news  journal- just before bed everynight- think about all the things you did today and maybe write down a nice memory or funny moment from school times


Paint or draw your own version of a summer evening likes the ones which can be found on this link on pinterest[]=summer%7Cautocomplete%7C0&term_meta[]=evening%7Cautocomplete%7C0&term_meta[]=painting%7Cautocomplete%7C0
Create a moving paper fish using coloured paper or you could colour white paper


Create an 8 line rap song about school. Try to make lines 2 and 4 rhyme and try to make lines 6 and 8 rhyme.

Here is my tables rap:

Tables Rap
I love tables,
I think that they’re the best,
Knowing them helps me,
Get full marks in the Friday Test,
Pluses or minuses,
It doesn’t matter which sum,
I know them so well,
No need for my fingers or my thumb.

There are lovely ideas for parents and boys who love music and would like to learn more. This Dabbledoo Music link helps teach children (and big children) lots about different types and concepts of music. But having lots of fun. Why not have a go!


Do the “Electric Slide” and “Twist and Shout” with Maximo

DO a PE workout everyday with BodyCoach Joe Wick

Let's get Cork Active:

Riddle Time

- Here are 2 riddles that you can ask the boys if you wish.
Answers  from last  week.

1. What can you catch but not throw? A cold

2. I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? A pillow

This Week:
1. What question can you never say “yes” to?  

2. What has to be broken before you can use it?


We can care for God’s Creatures
Write 2 ways in we can care for each of God’s creatures listed below.
We can care for birds by__________
We can care for plants by__________
We can care for animals by__________
We can care for fish by__________
We can care for other people by__________

Online Books Tutorial

You probably won't need to but don't worry if you can't access schoolbooks and you or your son would like to. Nearly all school books are available online for free at and

Why not follow the St. Patrick's Online Books Tutorial. CLICK HERE!
You might recognise the voice.

School Support

''And here we learn the golden rule,
to help eachother everyday.
From everyone their best, we say!''

Parents and boys: During this closure, can the school or teachers be of any support to you or your boys?

My email address is
Please feel to contact me if you  want to send me an email with pictures of your learning or have any queries and I will respond to you as soon as I can.  
Mr. O' Driscoll  our class support teacher can be emailed at



We know that keeping your children busy at home during the COVID-19 school closure may be testing. It is important to ensure that your home is as stress free as possible. Picking a suitable time each day, maybe the morning, for him to partake in learning tasks is a good idea. This can become a good habit during this closure.
Your son's class /SEN teacher has prepared learning tasks specific to his class which you will find in the webpage below under the teacher's name. These will help to support his learning at this time. We encourage our pupils to engage in these learning tasks and activities at a suitable time during the day at home over the course of the closure. As parents, you will know the length of time which is suitable for your son to spend on learning activities during the day. Remember Stress-free is important ! And so is learning!

Any pupil who uses the Toe by Toe book Phonics program is encouraged to practise with an adult daily if possible.

It is also very important to have fun and exciting activities to keep those young minds busy and sharp. Boardgames, reading, painting, tidying, helping out with house chores etc.

Here are some websites with digital learning games and activities recommended by our Home School Community Links Teacher Ronan Lettis. (if your son as access to the internet.)

To get a good child friendly family workout at home, join:
For literacy and numeracy games:

For Comic Artist Will Sliney's daily art challenge:

For general learning websites:

Free Month access to:
Dear parent,
Also, twinkl are offering parents one-month free membership on their website. Go to and use the password IRLTWINKLHELPS.

Parents here are some learning activities to support your son's education at home: Ms. Tavolieri & Mr. Doolan

English Work For First Class

Free Writing Copy- Daily diary & News.
Box Copy- Practice letters a, p,k,i,g,q.
Reading Library Books, chat about the books and the new vocabulary.
Free Writing Copy- Write 5 sentences about library book.

Maths Work For First Class
Maths Challenge Book- Tests 21,22,23- Ms Tavolieri. Mr Doolan- Tests, 26, 27, 28
SP & TB Copy- Go over times tables addition 1-12 & Subtraction up to -3 Ms Tavolieri. Mr Doolan subtraction up to -8
Maths Worksheets
Box copy- practice number formation, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9
Construct something out of recycled materials or draw it.
Go on a nature walk and draw a picture of it.
Super Trooper Activity Booklet daily, do activity & fill in booklet.
What you need:
Free Writing Copy
Box Copy
Library Books
Maths Challenge Book
Maths Sheets
Super Trooper Booklet
Sp & Tb Copy

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