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Mr. Geaney's 3rd


3rd Class Interview

We interviewed a boy from Mr. Geaney's class. He shared with us his thoughts.
What is your name? Rory Ryan
How old are you? I am 9 years old.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have one brother, Shane Ryan and one sister Etaion Ryan.
What is your favourite subject? Maths, because I’m good at it.
What is your favourite Lunch Time Pals game? Bottle Flipping, it’s great.
What do you like about your teacher? He plays lots of games.
What are your hobbies? Drama, G.A.A and roller skating.
What would you like to become when you’re older? I would like to become a actor.

 By Franciszek Sobolewski (Reporters Group)


Hello my name is Daniel and I am typing about when my class learned about Spain.
First we learned about all the cities in Spain. We mainly learned about Madrid and Barcelona.
Then we learned about the Pyrenees mountain. The highest mountain in the Pyrenees is Aneto which is 3400 metres high. That night the of the 2nd of April   The Barcelona vs. Real Madrid match was being played. Real Madrid won 2 -1.
The capital city of Spain is Madrid. The population of Madrid is  3 .1 million and the population of Spain is 46 million. There are 2 countries touching Spain which are Portugal and France.
Spain have 44 cities in its country and a few of them are Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Seville, Valencia and Oviedo.
Daniel Heffernan 3rd class.


Hello my name is Daniel Heffernan. I am in reporters group. I am writing about when my class went swimming.
What we needed: 1.a towel for drying ourselves
2. Bag for your  swimming gear
3. Swimming togs for swimming
4. Socks for changing if your socks get wet
5. Goggles to protect your eyes in the water.

What day we go: we went on Fridays for 6 weeks  and went at half past twelve

Where: We went to Mayfield swimming pool for the six weeks

What we learn: We learned the front stroke, the back stroke and how to float in the water.

My favourite swimming story: learning all the tricks about swimming and advice for swimming.

By Daniel Heffernan (3rd class Mr. Geaney) and it is my first report.

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