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Captaen Na Seachtaine

School Initiatives

Captaen na Seachtaine

Captaen na Seachtaine (meaning captain of the week) is an honour to wear a captain’s armband around their arm for the week. They basically the second teacher of the class. They try and keep their classmates in order. So how does the teacher choose the Captaen na Seachtaine? Everybody tries their best to behave as well as possible. The teacher might use a point system or class dojo to keep track of their students behaviour throughout the week or they could just keep an eye on every boy and see who stands out the most. If you are deserving of Captaen na Seachtaine and are able to have the honour to wear the majestic armband you shall receive a full homework pass and a prize in the following week. This is a great way to try and get every boy to behave as best as possible. It also helps to keep the class in order while they are competing for the band. It was founded in 2017 in 6 th class, Mr. Foley’s. Since then it has spread across the school. The first ever Captaen na Seachtaine in St. Patrick’s B.N.S. was Conor McDonagh. Overall this armband is a great way to try and push boys to their full potential.

By Farhan Fahim

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