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Ms. Butler's 5th


Ms. Butlers Class Famine Project

Firstly, our class did research on The Famine so we went online and researched the topic.

My classmate and I were working as a team in carrying out the huge famine project. We printed out our research on the famine. Each class had a different year, our class had 1949. When we had read over our sheets, we firstly wrote a rough draft. Afterwards we did the real thing, it was stressful because I didn’t want to make a mistake, luckily we did not. Afterwards I got my friend Chris who is really good at drawing to do the illustrations.

On the evening of the open night the projects were displayed in Áras Phádraig.

By Luke Byrne

St. Aidan’s Visit

In February, the two fifth classes were invited to St. Aidan's C.S. to get a little taste of what happens in secondary school. We all piled onto the 207 bus and made our way to the secondary school in Ballyvolane.
When we arrived, they gave us a big welcome to their school and explained the classes and what we were doing there. Firstly, they questioned us about the secondary school we were going to and the majority of our class were hoping to get into GCC.
Then they showed use a laboratury full of science gadgets. Secondly, they showed us a few gas rocks and the science teacher soaked them in water and they started to burn up and let out some gas. After that she showed us what flares were made up of and we did electrical circuits. Thirdly, we used microscopes and we looked at some animal parts such as cat fur.
Later, we went to the geography room and we did a guess the country with emoji’s test such as jam and pan makes Japan. After that we did a guess the city quiz, so they showed us a picture in a city and we had to write the place where it was in down on a sheet of paper.
Next, we went to the wood crafts room and the woodwork teacher showed us some of the senior and junior cert projects and how to cut wood. So off we went and got to work. Some people cut two pieces of wood others cut one and some did not get to cut a piece of wood.
Finally, our class reached the metal work room and he showed us the tools we were going to use and he showed us some projects. Then we smoothed metal and tried to cut a bit of metal with a Hat Saw. Then we had our lunch and off we went back to school.
I really enjoyed my visit and am a lot more confident about starting secondary school.

By Chris Johnson (Fifth Class)


One Book One Community

We went to the library for One Book One Community. The book of choice this year was ‘The Breadwinner’ by Deborah Ellis.
The author talked to us about her inspiration for the book, she spent a lot of her time in refugee camps in Pakistan.
The setting of the book is in Afghanistan; it is about a girl whose father is taken by the Taliban soldiers.
Under Taliban law all women must have a man or boy to go outside so Parvana must pretend to be a boy. It is a dangerous task.
Parvana see things adults should not even see like violent punishments in a football stadium.Eventually her sister gets married and everyone but Parvana and Mrs Weera are left behind.
Parvana is caught short in an old house with a stranger. Is this the end of the road for Parvana?

I liked this book because it is a perfect mixture of fictional things like Rarvana and realism like the Talban. I recommend this book to everyone.

By James Mullane 5th Class

Ms.Butlers 5th class

Ms. Butler's class are very clever and a great listening class. We love visiting the Glen Resource centre on Thursdays for Sports and P.E. We really enjoyed doing our line and spiral drawing art pieces. We learned long multiplication and how to draw angles in Maths. Walking up to the library on Wednesdays, getting new books and meeting David Rudden, the author was really inspiring. We had lots of visits from Secondary Schools which is helping us to decide where we would like to go in First Year. Growing plants and seedlings with Mr. Foley, learning about WW1 and WW2, reading Irish stories,listening and learning about music, even rapping the Boneyard Rap and going out to yard were just some of our favourite lessons and activities since September. We even got a 5th class maths quiz for Maths Week. Ms. Butler's class is a place to learn and have fun.

2nd Class Interview
We asked Ryan Torpey from Ms. Butler’s class some questions and here are his thoughts,
What is your name? Ryan Torpey.
How old are you? I am 8 years old.
Do you have brothers or sisters? No.
What is your favourite subject? Maths because I enjoy it.
What’s your favourite game in lunch time pals? Story telling. I enjoy the stories.
What are your hobbies? Hurling. But I don’t play with a club.
What  do you like about your teacher? She is very nice.
What do you want to become when your older? A guard
By Ben Heffernan

Counties and Provinces

Hi my name is Luke O’ Keeffe. I am in Ms. Butler’s second class and I am typing about counties and provinces.
So I asked my best friend Alex stuff about counties and provinces. Alex’s favourite county was Cork. His favourite county was Cork because he lives there. His least favourite county was Mayo.

His least favourite county was Mayo because it’s not from Munster. Alex’s favourite province was Munster because he’s from there. So that’s Alex’s information from counties and provinces.
By Luke O’Keeffe (Ms. Butlers 2nd class)

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