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Shared Reading

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Shared Reading

Shared reading/Reading record is an activity for all the boys in the school to do at home with their parents. They have to read a couple of pages of a novel, factual book, magazine, newspaper or any other form of reading every day and record it in their shared reading/reading record booklet and has to get it signed by their parents or guardians every night. It is a very good way to get boys who don’t normally read to start reading and introduce the world of reading to them and they might even like it, and for others who actually read can show off their reading every night and sometimes they even get a reward for filling up their whole shared reading/reading record booklet. It is also a great way to show parents their son’s reading skill every night! The boys are also helped by improving their own reading level and are able to read things that they might not have been able to read before which could impact greatly in the future. It has definitely worked before and will definitely work again! Reading is a great skill to have and the Shared Reading/Reading Record is great idea for that!

By Farhan Fahim

St. Patrick's Boys' National School strives to promote a competent level of reading among all our pupils. Shared Reading is done with all pupils from 1st to 4th classes. This is where Parent/Guardian and Child read together at home and a booklet is kept to monitor progress. Parents also come in to certain classes to do Shared Reading with pupils at school. Shared Reading is a great way to foster enjoyment and fluency in reading.

The P.A.T. Phonics Scheme is taught to all classes from 1st to 4th. This provides a foundation in phonics and consolidates other approaches to phonics and reading skills, throughout the school.
There is a close link with Mayfield local library and regular class visits are made and activities attended.

Since September second, third and fourth class pupils have taken part in a very successful Shared Reading Programme at home.
Shared Reading is an excellent and enjoyable way of helping your child to improve and enjoy his reading. It involves parent/guardian/older person and child reading together. Last summer an award ceremony took place where the boys were presented with Shared Reading Certificates. Parents were strongly encouraged to keep up shared reading at home.

Reading with your child at home and encouraging him to select books fosters a love of reading. It provides enjoyment and helps develop his reading skills. Many children, especially boys, need this support in order to be enticed to read more beyond the classroom texts.
Our local Mayfield and branch libraries have a wide selection of books and membership is free for children.
A big Go Raibh Maith  Agaíbh to Parents/Guardians for their encouragement and support.

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