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Daily Procedures

Parent's Section

A Quick Guide to the Daily Procedures in St. Patrick’s B.N.S.

Arriving at school

8:30 am– Yard supervision begins.
No boy should be in the school grounds   before this time.
8:45am - First bell rings. Boys line up in lower yard and walk into school through the front door.
8:50am - Second bell rings. Boys should be sitting at desks ready for lessons.
For safety reasons, children or parents/guardians should not wait at the top of the steps.

Parents/guardians should not accompany children to class.


Please check the homework journal each night for notes and homework details.
Please sign the journal.
It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to make sure that all homework, written and otherwise, be completed to the best of your son’s ability every night.
When a child cannot do his homework (because of illness, family emergency etc.), that boy must have a note signed by a parent/guardian explaining the circumstances.

Parent-Teacher Communication

The best way to communicate with your son’s teacher is through the homework journal.
Parents/guardians are asked to check the journal each night for notes and homework details.
Parent-teacher meetings take place in November and school reports are posted in February and June.
Should you wish to have another meeting with your son’s teacher, it is essential to make an appointment to do so.


All boys should be sitting at their desks at 8:50am sharp.
Good timekeeping ensures that all children can start the day on a positive note in a calm atmosphere.
Persistent lateness is disruptive to everyone in your son’s class. If a boy arrives late to school he must have a note signed by a parent/guardian.


Uniform consists of grey trousers, grey shirt, school tie and green V-neck jumper.
The tracksuit consists of green tracksuit pants, green tracksuit top with school crest and plain, white polo shirt.
The days on which uniform or tracksuit should be worn will be decided by the class teacher, based on P. E. days. The tracksuit is usually worn only on P.E. days.
Jewellery of any kind is not allowed.


St. Patrick’s has a healthy eating policy.
Lunches should be made up of healthy foods.
Sugary treats (including chocolate spread), crisps or fizzy drinks are not allowed.
One small treat is allowed on Fridays.
St. Patrick’s is a nut-free zone due to the high incidence of nut allergy.

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