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Mr. Mullins' 6th



This morning Mr Horgan came into our class room and said that we were being picked for basketball and I was picked! I was extremely happy and excited. I love basketball and my favorite team is Boston Celtics and my favourite player has to be Kyrie Irving. I went and practised it in yard with my friends and I practised at home too. The next day I went to school and we got the bus to Saint Aidan’s.
Their basketball hall was really big and their hoops were really high too and we got free basketballs which was cool, then we did warm up drills and we played king of the ring. If you don’t know what that is it’s when you have to knock the other players ball out of the ring and whoever wins get sweets. We had two games and we had barely any space. Unfortunately, I did not win any games. Then we played miss chair, that’s when if you miss the ball you have to sit in a chair and if the person who’s shooting scores you’re out, but if they miss they sit in the chair then so on, so on but it was fun then we had a match after all the drills and the games. We had four teams and my team played two matches and we won one. We lost the other game but overall it was super fun and I had a great time and I would like to go back there some day to do the same thing.
Basketball is excellent for fitness, fun and ball-handling skills.

By Evan Long

                                Mr. Mullins' 6th class

Mr. Mullins'  class are the new 6th class and lets see how they have been getting on. They enjoy playing on the school team,doing science experiments, playing football and basketball, olympic handball, going to the computer room, playing mathletics,going on maths trails and having Mr.Mullins as their teacher. They are doing lots of preparation for Confirmation and Secondary School teachers have already visited to prepare them for First Year. They really enjoy helping the school have fun-filled breaks as Lunchtime Pals leaders. It's going to be a mega graduation year.

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