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Mr. Walsh's 5th


Things we Love about being in Mr. Walsh’s Class.

In Mr. Walsh’s 5 th we have a very positive class with cheerful boys. Our class is very sporty and love to go outside especially during the good weather.

The teacher’s lessons are great and he really loves to have a bit of a laugh in between. His P.E is so, so fun. Most classes favourite is soccer, though the other half are more into dodgeball and chase. Everybody is always hyped about our Monday and Thursday P.E sessions.

The teacher is great at helping as well. I was struggling with my top heavy fractions homework but he showed me step by step and I am great at them now.

Our class is filled with a different variety of boys and we all get along with eachother because everyone is respected.

By Ryan Hurley & Darragh Harris 5 th Class

Mr. Walsh’s 5 th class – Colour wheel

Mr. Walsh’s 5 th class were learning all about the three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) last week in art. They created fabulous colour wheels using just these three colours. They show cased their artistic flare and attention to detail while completing the lesson.
Firstly, the class drew a circle using a paper plate and divided it up into 12 sectors. Secondly, the boys painted their red, yellow and blue sectors while making sure that there were 3 sectors between each colour. Next, using only these 3 colours, the boys had to create their secondary colours: green; orange and; violet or purple. From here, the boys had to work very diligently to create their tertiary colours: green-yellow; yellow–orange; orange-red; red–violet; violet-blue and; blue–green.
While it was a difficult challenge, the boys got stuck in and really enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the photos!

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