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Reporter's Group

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The Reporters Group

Reporter’s Group is held every Wednesday after school from 2:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. The current members of the Reporter’s Group are Farhan Fahim, Daniel Mitchell, Conor O’ Brien, Conor O’ Callaghan, Seán O’ Callaghan, Justin Kennedy, Rhys Olotu, Darragh Harris, Ryan Hurley and finally Daniel Heffernan. In the Reporter’s Group the reporters type reports on exciting things that are happening or have happened in the school. After it is typed by one or two boys, they work on editing to perfect the report like a top quality reporter! The Reporter’s Group have made many fantastic reports already (including this one) and are eager to do more every Wednesday. Every week more and more reports are written and are published on the school website and our school magazine Lé Cheile, which tells you everything that’s going on, you’ll never miss a thing even if you aren’t in the school, that’s how hard the Reporter’s Group works! It has been running for 4 years now and hopefully won’t stop! The reporters are great and very enthusiastic and will keep going like the engine they are! Overall the Reporter’s Group is a great place and if you are in the school you should definitely consider joining like a true Reporter!

By Farhan Fahim

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