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Ms. Kelleher's 3rd


To All Our Graduating Boys and Parents who finish their time in St. Patrick's B.N.S. this Wednesday:

A special note of congratulations and thanks to our graduation classes of 2020. For the past 6 years( 7 for some), because of these 43 young men's dedication, talents, personalities, successes and challenges; St. Patrick's B.N.S. has been made even more a special place to learn, work and grow for so many of these boys, their parents and their teachers. The Parents Group has grown from strength to strength and been very well supported by these parents. Thank you for your time and care. Ms. Murphy, Mr. Mullins and the boys teachers are preparing a Video Graduation this Tuesday for each class and maybe a little surprise on Wednesday.
Mr. Mullins and Mr. M. O' Mahony put their vip contacts and video editing skills to good use to create the heartfelt, memorable and special videos above for our Graduation Class of 2020. We hope you enjoy them!

We will be having a special graduation ceremony when the opportunity arises.
But for now, Boys and Parents: We are so proud of each and everyone one of you. Well done all!
Boys you have so many special memories and learning from St. Patrick's to help you on the road ahead. We know that your St. Patrick's foundation offers you so much potential in your lifelong learning journey.

Go-néirí an bothar libh go léir!

Hi boys:

Mr. Foley gave me the best news ever this week when he told me that I was going to be your teacher again next year. I feel like I have won the Lotto! Imagine all the great things we have to look forward to next year. We will have to get Buddy his own chair in our class because we will be getting the yard ticks so often! We will also be on hand in the yard to set great example to the new First Class boys. I feel like the luckiest teacher ever! I hope to chat to as many of you as possible on Thursday at our class zoom call.

Missing ye…… but delighted that we will be working together again next year.

Ms Kelleher

Moms and Dads:

I am delighted with the news that I will be working with your son again next year. After an unprecedented few months, this will enable us to hit the ground running when we get back and what a super class to be heading back to. Over the next two weeks, Ms Fitzgerald or I will be ringing each family to check in before the end of the year. Our class Zoom will take place at 11 am on Thursday the 18th June so keep an eye on your email please.

Please contact me or Ms. Fitzgerald if you need any help or support. We are delighted to assist in any way we can. My email is Ms. Fitzgerald can be contacted on .

As always, wishing you well,

Anita Kelleher, Annette Fitzgerald and Mrs Kiely



Dear Parents/Boys;

Mr. Horgan (Sport and Wellbeing Coordinator) and the teachers have been busy putting an active fun remote learning week together for our boys to try at home. He's been trying it out at home with his own busy bunch and they all give it a thumbs up!
Why not take on an activity or more each day this week, our last school week and give it your best, have lots of fun. You deserve it!

Well done on all your learning connections, online activities, emails to teachers, Zoom Calls, phone calls, video messages, Google Classroom learning, projects and huge efforts in continuing your school work at home.
We at school think you are absolutely amazing and we want to especially thank the mums and dads for becoming the teachers, snas, caretakers, secretaries and principals of your home school during this closure.
As  always, St. Patrick's boys, parents and teachers have worked together and played a blinder in spite of the many challenges we faced together. And again, our school motto guides and defines our work together and our pathway to resounding success!

Ó gach duine a dhícheall!
From each person their best!

We are back to school on August 27th. We  we will know more about how those returning days will look in the near future. You, your sons and all our St. Patrick's B.N.S. staff safety and wellbeing will be our first priority as we follow Departmental guidelines for schools.
For now, enjoy our last week of school in difficult circumstances. Have a lovely summer break and if you need anything just let us know

Take a bow mums, dads and boys. You just stole the show! Maith sibh go léir!

Shane Foley


Daily Fitness Sheet. Look at exercises in picture on the left
Fitness With Joe (You Tube 9am) 30min

Active House Work: vacuum a room or rooms at home/tidy up your bedroom to make it spotless

Outside Walk; spot items beginning with each letter of the Alphabet

Writing: Best moment of school this year. (in class or yard or PE or a trip etc)

Drop Everything and Dance to your Favourite Song/music. Mr. Horgan's is Mc. Hammer - Can't Touch this!


Daily Fitness Sheet above
Fitness With Joe (You Tube 9am) 30min

Fitness with Tj Reid (Kilkenny Hurler) Facebook Tj Reid Fitness at 12noon

Active House Work: hang out some washing/move to Dryer

Cycle for 20min / Skipping for 10-15min
Writing: Funniest moment of this school year. Was it the the time Ms. Lohan thought Buddy the Bear was following her?

Go Noodle Dance e.g. Banana Banana Meatball (Youtube: Go Noodle channel)


Daily Fitness Sheet: Above
Fitness With Joe (You Tube 9am) 30min

Active House Work: wash dishes after lunch or dinner or make mum/dad a nice cup of tea and a sandwich.

Play “Simon Says”
Writing: a message to my teacher (2 Stars & 1 Wish)

Dance to a song picked by a parent or guardian (you must do it!!) It's your chance to have a little dance off with mum/dad/ or your brothers and sisters.


Daily Fitness Sheet: Above
Fitness With Joe (You Tube 9am) 30min OR
Fitness with Tj Reid (Kilkenny Hurler) Facebook Tj Reid Fitness at 12noon

Active House Work: Clean windows (outside maybe?) Harry the school caretaker can clean 3 windows in 15 minutes.

Hide and Seek around the house (all family members??)

Writing: Best lesson of the year or hardest part of my learning this year. Was it Long Division/Briathra Gaeilge/ learning prayers for Confirmation?

Go Noodle (You Tube channel) e.g. “Clap it out”


Daily Fitness Sheet: Above

Fitness With Joe (You Tube 9am) 30min

Active House Work: cut grass/gardening. Water the flowers (without the hose).

Balloon Volleyball
Writing: my hopes and wishes for nest school year

Create a dance to any active or energetic song/music you like. You could call it the Buddy Shuffle!

Online Books Tutorial

You probably won't need to but don't worry if you can't access schoolbooks and you or your son would like to. Nearly all school books are available online for free at and

Why not follow the St. Patrick's Online Books Tutorial. CLICK HERE!
You might recognise the voice.

School Support

''And here we learn the golden rule,
to help eachother everyday.
From everyone their best, we say!''

Parents and boys: During this closure, can the school or teachers be of any support to you or your boys?

I know that ‘home schooling’ brings unique challenges. If I can be of any help or support, please feel free to contact me at
I will help in any way that I can and am delighted to look at any work that the boys may like to send. Ms. Fitzgerald can be emailed at

As always, wishing you well,

Anita Kelleher


We know that keeping your children busy at home during the COVID-19 school closure may be testing. It is important to ensure that your home is as stress free as possible. Picking a suitable time each day, maybe the morning, for him to partake in learning tasks is a good idea. This can become a good habit during this closure.
Your son's class /SEN teacher has prepared learning tasks specific to his class which you will find in the webpage below under the teacher's name. These will help to support his learning at this time. We encourage our pupils to engage in these learning tasks and activities at a suitable time during the day at home over the course of the closure. As parents, you will know the length of time which is suitable for your son to spend on learning activities during the day. Remember Stress-free is important ! And so is learning!

Any pupil who uses the Toe by Toe book Phonics program is encouraged to practise with an adult daily if possible.

It is also very important to have fun and exciting activities to keep those young minds busy and sharp. Boardgames, reading, painting, tidying, helping out with house chores etc.

Here are some websites with digital learning games and activities recommended by our Home School Community Links Teacher Ronan Lettis. (if your son as access to the internet.)

To get a good child friendly family workout at home, join:
For literacy and numeracy games:

For Comic Artist Will Sliney's daily art challenge:

For general learning websites:

Free Month access to:
Dear parent,
Also, twinkl are offering parents one-month free membership on their website. Go to and use the password IRLTWINKLHELPS.

Parents here are some learning activities to support your son's education at home: Ms. Kelleher's 2nd Class

Free Writing

BBC Dance Mat : Typing skills

Play Boards Games - using 2 or more dice to practice adding etc.

Copy of BAM Test Booklet

Tables: all plus and take tables

Enjoy reading (books, papers, child friendly websites)

Measure some things at home using a ruler or a measuring tape

Measure somethings for a recipe using ml/litres gr/kg

Discover a country: Think about language, weather, food, clothes, famous people traditions and unique facts.

Research an animal: Consider appearance, diet, habitat and interesting facts.

Gaeilge: Duo Lingo: free app

Communion  Prayers/Responses and Songs

Free Writing Copy, BAM Test Booklet, Library Books, Spellings and tables,


Ms.Kelleher's class

In Ms.Kelleher's class we love art, like stick creations. We made castles and skeletons out of these sticks. Ms. Kelleher plays some maths games like Rapid Fire Buzz around the room. For P.E, we love splashing and swimming in Mayfield swimming pool. We were brought to the library where we were told a story and a retired teacher Paddy O' Brien called in and told us a really fun story. We love Literacy Lift Off with the help of the resource teachers and Ms.Kelleher. The class have been reading stories with Ms.Kelleher. When we were in the yard, we have been nominated for the best class, thanks to our lining up. When we won best line of the week, we got to look after Buddy the Bear for a week as a reward. We have done lots of hard work like our reading and writing. We really liked getting Red Certs for Full attendance. We now have 3 on our door.

Dragon Days
It all started when Ms. Kelleher organised the school choir, and she started teaching us the songs for the play 'Dragon Days'
After learning the songs for a few weeks Ms. Kelleher and Ms. Harrinton started giving us parts in the play.After weeks and weeks of practice the play finally started to come together.
We started putting the sonds together with the script, and the play was nearly ready to be put on for the school and maybe our parents!There were a few things we needed to get perfect like stage direction and someother things like that.
Our teachers Ms. Kelleher and M. Harrinton gave us loads of roars and shouts of encouragement
We took all their tips on board and we finally were ready toput the play on.
We are really looking forward to put on the play in front of the whole school.

First class entertainment

On Wednesday the 15 of March the first class did drama of the Grammy Awards in Irish. The presenters were Ms Murray and Mr Duffy .First up was Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga and her backup singers and finally Taylor Swift. When the award was being presented Kanye West tried taking the award from Taylor swift. All of the classes enjoyed the drama by the boys. Then the two first classes did the haka in Irish.

By Stephen Power and Conor Hurley  

Interview with a first class boy.
This is an interview with Mrs. Fitzpatrick’s  first class boy.
Hi my name is Conor Cunningham.   
I am 7 years old.
I play GAA with Glen Rovers and I like to play it because it’s healthy for me and I like to play.
I have two sisters named Sophie and Katie.
My favourite subject is history and it’s interesting. My favourite part is learning about the wars.
I like school because it gives me harder stuff to do.
My teacher is nice and caring.
I like Lunch Time Pals and my favourite thing in LunchTimes Pal is story telling.
When I’m older I would like to be an engineer.
Interviewed by Alex Mc Carthy (Reporters Group)

The Glen Resource Centre
Hi my name is Jayden and today I’m going to tell you about the first class going to the Glen Resource Centre.
Today the first class went to the Glen Resource Centre at 10:50am.  We did football training, so the first thing we did in training was passing the ball to each other, then we did running. We ran about two laps around the pitch. Then we played a nice game of soccer. The teams were 10 vs. 10 on the pitch. The score was 3-2. My team won.

By Jayden Gahan, Ms.Cooneys 1st class

Maths Factor
Hi I am Jayden Gahan and I am in Ms. Cooney’s first class and I am going to talk to you about 1st class maths factor.  Maths factor is something the 1st class do every day to help us with our maths.
We do it every day at around half nine to half ten.  My favourite part is the counting games that we play. Ms. Cooney helps us with maths challenge and our numbers counting, Ms. McGeogh helps us with adding and taking away. I like it because of all the maths we do and I like adding numbers.

By Jayden Gahan (Ms Cooney’s 1st class)

St. Patrick’s Boys’ First Class Interviews

The first class boys transferred from the fantastic St. Patrick’s Infants school (over the wall) this September.  The boys are settling into the school and getting used to all the new teachers and making new friends.  
Mr. Foley’s fifth class were looking at interviews at the time and we needed a suitable group to interview and we thought the first class were the right people to interview.
We interviewed Ms. Fitzgerald’s class first and it went really well. The first class were very polite and they answered all the questions. We also interviewed the other first class, Ms. Ní Chatháin’s class.  They were all very excited, gave us interesting answers to our questions and listened very carefully.
Some examples of these interviews are below.Welcome to the school first class boys and we hope that you enjoy the next six years of fun!

By Iftikhaar Haque (5th Class Interviewer)

1. What is your name?
2. How did you feel when you came into the school?
3. On a scale of one to ten how hard is your homework?
4. Who do you support?
I follow no team.
By Shane Manning and Alex McCarthy

1. What were your thoughts of the school at first? Very excited.
2. Are you looking forward to different P.E. activities? Yes.
3. How many new friends did you make in the school? I made five new friends.

1. What do you think about the school?
2. Did you make new friends in the yard?
 By Eoghan and Kian
1. What is your name? Charlie Barracks and Dillon
2. What is your favourite sport? Charlie hurling and Dillon soccer.
3. What were your feelings when you walked through the door? Charlie surprised Dillon surprised.
4. Did you go to any other country besides Ireland? Charlie no Dillon no.


. What is your favourite subject? Maths
2. Did you make new friends in the yard? No
3. Are you happy in this school? Yes
4. Do you like the uniform? Yes
5. What is your favourite game to play? Football
By Michael

1. What were your feelings when you came through the school door?
Eoin; I felt happy.

2.  Do you have any new friends?
Eoin; Some from my old school but my new one was Kyle.

3.  What’s the big difference between the Infants  
School and this school?
Eoin: We were small in the Infants school.

4.  What do you think of the school in the last few days?
Eoin: I like it. The school is strict though.
By Iftikhaar Haque and Michael Kozlawski

1. What is your name?

2. What were your first thoughts when you came to this school?

3. What is your coolest thing that you ever done?
He done wheelie and feel of the bike.

4. What`s is your favourite team?

5. What is your favourite sport?
By Luke and Aleksandras

1. What is your name? Charlie Barracks and Dillon
2. What is your favourite sport? Charlie hurling and Dillon soccer.
3. What were your feelings when you walked through the door? Charlie surprised Dillon surprised.
4. Did you go to any other country besides Ireland? Charlie no Dillon no.

1. What’s your name? Callum.
2. How did you feel on your first day? Good.
3. What is the difference between infants and primary school? There is no girls.
4. What is your favourite subject so far? Irish.
By Callum and Frank

1. How did you feel when you came in to the school?
2. Are you enjoying your first two weeks?
3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is the homework?
4. What is your favourite subject?
5. What is your favourite sport?
By Luke Daly and John Morey

1. How did you feel on your first day in the school?
It’s very good in the school I like it
2. Have you made any new friends in this school?
3. Did or do you have a brother in the school?
Thomas and Ben

4. What were your thoughts of the school at first? Very excited.
5. Are you looking forward to different P.E. activities? Yes.
6. Are you going to try out for the school team in the future and if so what team? Yes hurling.
By Olan O’Brien and Stephan Callaghan
First Class Interviews by Mr. Foley’s Fifth


First Class Interview

1. What is your name? Eddie
2. What is the big difference between the infants and this school? Eddie: I don’t want to go back to the Infants’ school.
3. Did you make new friends in this school?
Eddie:  I have one new friend.
4. What is your teacher’s name? Eddie: Ms. Ní Chatháin
5. What do you think of the school in the first few weeks?
Eddie: It’s good.

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