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Ms. Harrington's 2nd


                  Ms.Harrington's class
Ms.Harrington's class love doing maths with her. They also like things like making fun art, playing cannonball in the hall, reading and typing in the computer room, extra yard time, going on jobs, walking up to the library, doing their nature trail, racing eachother outside, free writting and making stories. Ms. Harrington makes learning so much fun.   

Ms. Harrington's Class love Shared Reading with the Secondary school leaders.

"I really like reading the cool books with the girls from St Patrick’s secondary school. The girls are really friendly and helpful. They bring us books for us from the library. Some of the books are about monsters and others are about cats and dogs. My favourite book I’ve read so far is called Crocodile in the Swamp. Shared reading is a fun way to practise reading. I like listening to the exciting stories and then reading my book to my partner".

-Ryan Crean

2nd Class Interview
We interviewed Sam Crowley from Ms. Kelleher’s class and here are his thoughts
What is your name? Sam Crowley.
How old are you? I’m 8 years old.
Do you have brothers or sisters? 2 sisters Becky and Kase
What are your hobbies? Soccer. I play with Mayfield United
What’s your favourite thing about school? Playing with my friends in yard.
What  do you think about your teacher? She is very nice.
What is your favourite section in lunch time pals? Bottle flip
Do you want to become a lunch time pal in 6th Class? Yes.
What is your favourite subject? Maths, because it's easy.
Interview by Ben Heffernan 6th Class

Baking Healthy Brown Bread
with Second Class Bake Off!!

One of our Science Trails- Materials.
Scientists aren't afraid to get stuck in!!!

 Communion Art

In 2nd class this week we were doing Communion art and we were making little angels. An artist named Isabella came to help us make them. We made them out of wood. We got paint and glue and made them.
They were lovely. We got super glue and we had to glue them together and painted them, and then we dried them. Then we made the hair and we made a veil, we painted them both gold. We got hair dryers to dry. We got cement and dried them and we made them into mosaics.
We also stuck the hair together and then we got string and all the pieces. We tied them and afterwards brought it home.  You can put them on the Christmas tree as a decoration or you can hang them on anything like a hanger or a hook on the wall.
We brought a big blue board and two teachers wrapped it in gold paper. Their names  are Ms. R O' Connor and Ms. Butler and they put the angels on the board and a piece of paper with decorated holy bread in the  middle and a chalice with strips of gold over it.

By Luke Byrne, Ms Kelleher’s 2nd class


Hi my name is Luke Byrne and now I am going to tell you how we're practicing for our First Holy Communion.

In second class we are practising for our Holy Communion. Both second classes went to the church to sing our hymns and which are This is the day, Gloria, Alleluia, Holy Holy Holy, Ave Maria, Eat this bread, The Clouds veil and Close to you. All are lovely hymns. There are two priests up by the altar, one on the left and one on the right. We’ve been practising a lot in our classroom and in the church for our Holy Communion.

Our communion will be on the 7th of May and everyone is welcome to come.

By Luke Byrne   

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