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Lunchtime Pals

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Lunch Time Pals

Lunch Time Pals is held every Tuesday and Thursday at the second break and is run by both 6 th classes. Mr. Foley’s class run the senior yard and Ms. Murphy’s class run the junior yard. The only exception is Conor O’ Brien who is part of Mr Foley’s but runs an activity in the junior yard. First we are going to tell you about the lower yard, in this yard is a number of games, they are as follows; Penalties, Circuits, Basketball Shots, One Bounce, Basketball Matches, Accuracy Shots, Boules and finally Bomb. The most popular games are both Basketball games, One Bounce and Boules. The junior yard is for 1 st to 3 rd classes and the games are as follows Story Time, Piggy in the Middle, Bouls, two Penalty areas, two Scotch areas, Circuits, Hot Potato and a Skipping Rope section. The most popular sections are Story Time, circuits and penalties. This has been running in our school for five years and we hope it continuous to be a success in our school for many years to come.

By Conor O’ Brien and Farhan Fahim

Lunch time Pals
Every Tuesday and Thursdays sixth class come out before the break time starts and organise games for the younger classes. The parents group had a big action in that because they gathered money for us to buy new equipment. The old equipment was broken, dusty and rustled and shambolic.
The job that sixth class had was to train, to become a lunch time pal. Our class teacher Mr. Duffy helped us. Our first thing was to write why do we want to be a L.T.P ( Lunch Time Pal) The second thing was to make up games that the younger classes would like. The most favourite game that we made in the upper yard is penalties and the favourite game we made up in the lower yard was Ball Le Dunqué, which sadly broke. R.I.P Ball Le Dunqué 2016-2016. At last we took the games and put it into our plan. The most trouble we had was at the beginning because we were getting into our jobs, games and how to deal with problems in case something occurred. After a while when we got into the routine it became easier and easier every time, now we are just great at it.
Overall I think L.T.P is a great success and will be in the future.

By Franciszek Sobelewski(Mr. Duffy’s 6 th class)

Lunch Time Pals is a fun group of activities, which is performed and organised by the two Sixth classes.  The activities take place at big lunch on Wednesday and Thursday if it's not raining. Mr. Duffy & Mr. Foley helped to organise the Lunch Time Pals.

The fun games and activities with the Lunch Time Pals are;
Pitch and Toss, Ball in a Bucket, Marbles, Beanbag in Hula-Hoop,
Skipping,  Find a Friend, Reading and Rugby passing.
The two most popular games are; Ball in a Bucket and Rugby passing.

There are two classes(Mr. Duffy's and Mr. Foley's) that organise the activities, and all other classes participate. There are eleven classes in the school so it takes a lot of hard work and planning.

I think Lunch Time Pals is enjoyable for classes of all levels. It also helps to prevent the younger boys from getting into trouble. It puts us as pupils in a different role, we are not just on our break, we are also helping out.
I am glad to be a part of the first class to set up Lunch Time Pals!

By Aaron O' Callaghan and Jamie Meskell(6th Class pupils)

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