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Enrolment Form

Enrolment Form

    St. Patrick’s Boys’ N.S.   Scoil Phádraig Naofa
          Tel: 021 4502024                                                                         Fax: 021 4502719         

Enrolment Form

Pupil’s Name:  _______________P.P.S.N.   ________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ___________Home/Mobile Tel No: _________

Religion: ____________    Start Date: ____________________

Previous School: _______________    Class: _______________

Father’s Name: ____________
Mobile No: _________________

Mother’s Name: _____________________  
Mobile No: _________________

Email address:  _________________________________

No. of children in family: _______________
Place of child: _______________

Family Doctor: _______________________
Tel: _______________________

Do you hold a medical card?  Yes/No

Details of any illness or problem, which may affect your child’s school life:


In the event of there being nobody at home we need phone numbers and addresses of relatives/neighbours of your choice who can be contacted:

Name: _______________ Name: _________________________

Address: ____________ Address: ________________________
   ______________________      ________________________

Tel: __________________Tel: ____________________________

Relationship and Sexuality Education Information

St. Patrick’s B.N.S. follows the Relationship and Sexuality Education Programme (R.S.E.) and Stay Safe Programme as laid down by the Department of Education and Science.

An outline of R.S.E. and Stay Safe lessons will be made available to Parents/Guardians before the lessons are taught each year.

The R.S.E. policy is available for viewing through the School Secretary’s office. Copies are available on request.

By signing below I confirm being made aware of my choice to withdraw my child from areas of the R.S.E. and Stay Safe programme.

Also please read carefully and tick where appropriate;

I give permission for the following:   
My child to use the internet for educational purposes

My child’s image to appear on the school website www.stpatricksboys.net, on press photographs taken on school activities and on any other school-related media

The transfer of data to any school or institution with which my child is involved in order to facilitate educational provision

The participation of my child in educational trips and tours

Signed: Parent’s/Guardian’s signature(s):

____________________________              ____________________________

Dated: _________________

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