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Mr. Duffy's 3rd


 Mr. Duffys 3rd class
Mr.Duffy's class is full of amazing boys and these are some examples of what they are getting up to. They enjoy history and learning all about the school in the 1930's ,going to the Glen Resource Centre, learning about the human body, all types of maths, other p.e. like basketball, nature art collecting, taking the pencil for a walk art, learning about recount writing, reading irish stories and learning in the computer room. These are just some of the learning activities we get up to in class.

6th class Confirmation
For the last ten weeks the 6th class boys have been doing a lot of preparation for their Confirmation. Our last two practices were done with the girls and they seemed to go alright. Mr. Duffy is very pleased so far with our progress. Mr. Duffy has said “Our next few practices will be at St. Joseph’s Church”.
Every boy in our class has picked their name and sponsor (I, Alex have picked Patrick for my name and Ben has chosen Matthew).  Everyone in the class is really looking forward to their Confirmation.
On the 11th of May we made the Confirmation in St. Joseph’s Church in Mayfield. Everyone was in the church for 10:15 sharp. At 10:30 Bishop Patrick Harrington entered the church and we sang the first song, Tongues of Fire. When he got to the top of the church we all were seated. In the next 15 minutes we all went up to the altar to be confirmed. The Bishop spoke for 30 minutes about our lives ahead. Then 3 boys and 3 girls went up to do the Prayers of the Faithful. After that we went up for communion. It took 15 minutes for everyone to be done with communion. At the end of the ceremony we sang ‘Song of Confirmation’.
Overall, the day was great and we all had a wonderful day but we are glad the practicing is over.

By Ben Heffernan and Alex McCarthy

Confirmation Service of Light
On Monday the 13th of February the 6th class boys went up to St. Joseph’s church at 6:50 p.m. for our Service of light. We were all seated and the priest arrived on the altar and he started the Mass and Father Myles called up the readers which were Ben and Thomas. Thomas was the first reader and Ben was the second reader. They both spoke out loud and clearly.
Next Father Myles read out the gospel and then he did a homily.  Mr. Duffy called out our names starting with the back and worked his way up and Mr. Finnegan lit our baptism candles and Mr. Duffy called out our names, one by one but he started from the back our parents held the baptism candle. Once it was lit they handed it over to us and we protected the flame with our hand.
Then just before the communion we had the prayers of the faithful. There were six boys reading out the prayers of faithful. Shortly after we had the communion and then we said the prayer The Confiteor. Then we blew out the candles and then we had the final prayers. Mr. Duffy read out the first prayer then Shane read the second one, then Luke Daly’s mam read out the third one, then Luke read out the last and final prayer.

By Raymond Costin

Lunch time Pals
Every Tuesday and Thursdays sixth class come out before the break time starts and organise games for the younger classes. The parents group had a big action in that because they gathered money for us to buy new equipment. The old equipment was broken, dusty and rustled and shambolic.
The job that sixth class had was to train, to become a lunch time pal. Our class teacher Mr. Duffy helped us. Our first thing was to write why do we want to be a L.T.P ( Lunch Time Pal) The second thing was to make up games that the younger classes would like. The most favourite game that we made in the upper yard is penalties and the favourite game we made up in the lower yard was Ball Le Dunqué, which sadly broke. R.I.P Ball Le Dunqué 2016-2016. At last we took the games and put it into our plan. The most trouble we had was at the beginning because we were getting into our jobs, games and how to deal with problems in case something occurred. After a while when we got into the routine it became easier and easier every time, now we are just great at it.
Overall I think L.T.P is a great success and will be in the future.

By Franciszek Sobelewski(Mr. Duffy’s 6th class)

6th Class Interview

We interviewed a boy from Mr. Duffy’s 6th class Here are his thoughts

What is your name? Eoghan Varian.
How old are you? I am 12 years old.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have two brothers; their names are Adam and Keith.
What is your best subject and Why? Maths because I’m just good at it.
What subject do you hate? Gaelige (Irish).
What do you like about your teacher? He is sometimes funny.
What do like to do in your spear time? Well I like to play on my PS4 (Gaming console) , playing soccer and best of all is playing G.A.A WITH Glen Rovers.
What will you like to be when you grow up? I would like to be a business owner.

By Frank Sobolewski.

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