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Mr. O' Mahony's 3rd


 Mr. O' Mahony's class
Mr. O' Mahony's class have been doing many enjoyable lessons since September. These are some of their favourites. Literacy Lift Off, reading, writing and grammar, 2d shapes in Maths, maths trails for Maths Week. We listened to Nigel Quinlan the author in Mayfield Library. We love  creating our own plays in drama. We are starting the Glen rescource today 18/10/18 which we know is going to be mega fun. We made willow weavings just before mid-term break.


Interview a 3rd class pupil
We, the Reporters' Group, interviewed a 3rd class boy and below are some of his thoughts.
Teacher: Ms. R O Connor
Name: Adam Parsons
Age: 9
He has two sisters whose names are Casy and Sadie. His interests are Soccer and Swimming. Adam Parsons likes his teacher because she’s nice.
I like Lunch time Pals and my best game is one touch and when I’ll be in sixth I would love to be a lunch time Pal.
When I will be older I would like to be soccer player or a Scientist. Adam's best subject is art because he likes drawing.
Interviewed by Ben, Iftikhaar, Frank and Alex.

Cór Fhéile
On Monday April the 18th we performed our 1916 rap in the Cork City Hall for Cór Fhéile. We spent a lot of time practising the rap in our school hall.
We met at the side of the city hall. At 7 O’clock we went in to the hall and got our seats. We were the fifth act before the interval and when it was our turn we went on stage. My favourite part of the performance was when I got to say my line.
We started off with a drama piece and then we did our rap. We got a great applause. After our performance we got ice-cream. We enjoyed the other performances. I liked the group with all the instruments.
And on Thursday the 21st we had a party for our super performance. We did a great job and we had a fun and a great night. And here is a link to the video.

We Salute You!

By Adam o Halloran

Oral reports
My name is Adam.  I am a member of the school reporters group and I am writing about oral reports in Ms. Murphy’s 3rd Class.
I did a report on the Peregrine falcon. I searched up facts on the internet and I typed the facts on a computer. And I enjoyed it. And my friend was typing about pandas.
And we stood up and I thought everybody was interesting. It was very good.
If you want to CHECK some more reports go to Ms. Murphy’s 3nd class.
By Adam O Halloran.

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