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Ms. Murphy's 6th


                                                     Ms. Murphy's 6th class
Ms. Murphy's class are also the new 6th class in the school. They have settled in as the new 6th and these are some of the things that they enjoy doing.They like playing on the school team,playing all kinds of sports,going to the library on Thursdays,going to see Dave Rudden in the library,reading stories,singing songs for Confirmation. They are looking forward to their confirmation and Graduation already. They love doing science experiments and going on trips. They feel very proud to be starting and leading Lunchtime Pals for the school breaks.

6 th class Prezi

At the end of November Ms. Murphy’s 6 th class started going out with the other 6 th class teacher Mr. Foley to learn about Prezi. If you don’t know what Prezi is it is a computer generated website where you can view other Prezi’s and create your own. A Prezi that you create is a presentation hence the name Prezi that you can put a text, video and images which it zooms in on.

Anyway, let’s get into what we have learned. The first day we looked at subjects we can base them on. Then we got into groups of three and agreed on the suggested subject. They were World War 2, Spike island, dogs, Solar system and death row inmates.

On the 13 th of December we did an hours’ worth of research. We really enjoy doing Prezi and we can’t wait to do the actual thing.

By Seán O’ Callaghan and Justin Kennedy

Secondary Schools Visit

Coláiste Chriost Rí: On the 7 th of September on a Thursday Mr. Foley and Mr. Hayes from Chriost Ri secondary school came to visit the two Sixth Classes and inform us about their school and why they recommend it to us. Firstly, they showed us a video of their facilities. After this video we were allowed to ask some questions. They told us the date of the open night [13 th/9/17].
Deerpark C.B.S: A couple of days later [3 days later to be exact] on the 10 th of September Deerpark C.B.S came to persuade us to come to their school. Mr. Barry came to represent his school, they also showed us a video of a few primary schools visiting their school. The children in the video looked very happy as they were served a French breakfast. They did activities such as woodwork and metalwork.
Christian Brothers College: On the 18 th of September the science teacher from Christians came to visit us and invite us to their open night. He gave us leaflets that have information about their school. He told us where it was and let us continue working.
Mayfield Community: On the 23 rd of September, Mayfield Community Schools principal Mr. Golden also visited the two sixth classes to inform us about their facilities such as astro-turf pitches, a gym and a swimming pool. He also told us about all the subjects they have. We asked him some questions and he left.
St. Aidan’s: On the 25 th of September St. Aidan’s came to visit us and inform us about their school. Two former students Olan O’ Brien and Adam Lawler came with two girls and their principal to tell us why they think we should attend their secondary school. Then we had time to ask questions and then they said goodbye and left.

By Daniel Mitchell and Conor Shovlin



Lunchtime Pals Diary Entry1
Lunchtime Pals is an activity that the two sixth classes do for the younger classes to help them enjoy their lunch breaks more. What happens is the two sixths go to separate yards and play games like penalties shootouts, basketball and more games with the younger classes.
So far with Lunchtime Pals the two sixth classes had a meeting to discuss all the details about Lunchtime Pals, about how and when it’s going ahead. A lot of boys have ideas for new games like scotch and toss the bean bag and also more games that the boys have created We have a date that we want to be ready by. It’s the seventeenth of October. By then we want to have done all the training and be ready for the real deal. So stay tuned for the next diary entry.


UCC Trip

On the 30 th of May Mr. Foley’s and Ms. Murphy’s class went to UCC (University College Cork.) Both classes left Mayfield library at 8:50. When we arrived at UCC two student guides showed up and had two massive Prof. Fluffy. Prof. Fluffy is a big ball of purple fluff and is the mascot of UCC. Two boys got to hold professor and they were Manus O Boyle and Jake Quinn. Then a woman named Maive who came to our school recently to tell us a bit about UCC. Maive was part of the part of the Prof. Primary students to go on to 3 rd level education. Then we went to a massive lecture hall it was so big that it Fluffy programme which is trying to convince could fit our entire school in it. Maive talked about college for a while and then some student guides introduced themselves. When they were done introducing themselves we got split up into groups of five. When we were all split up we went to get some lunch. We got chocolate muffins and some juice it was delicious. Then we headed to the famous Boole Library. We got a tour of the library. I thought it was very interesting. There were over a million books in the library. When we were done that door we went to the North Wing and saw the door for the president of UCC Patrick O Shea. Then we had a graduation for the Professor fluffy programme. When the graduation was over we went for second lunch. For second lunch the choices were sausages and chips or fish and chips. I chose sausages and that was scrumptious. When we were all done eating we went on the bus back to school just in time for home time.

By Conor Hurley

5th Class Interview

We interviewed a boy from Ms. Murphy’s 5th class. He told us about his thoughts.
What is your name? Jamie Coffy.
How old are you? I am 10 years old.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have 4 brothers and 1 sister; their names are Leon, Callum, Lee, Tom and Shinell.
What is your favourite subject? Why? Art because you could be creative.
What do you like about your teacher? I like her because she is nice.
What is your favourite Lunch Time Pals game? My best Lunch Time Pal game is Ball Le Donc.
What would you like to be in 10 years? I’m still unsure.

By Frank Sobolewski.

An Damba

Léimeamar ar an mbus ag a ceathrú chun a deich. Shuigh mé síos ar shuíochán in aice le mo chara James. Shroicheamar Inis Cara ag a ceathrú tar éis a deich.
Chonaiceamar an damba os ár gcomhair. Bhí sé ollmhór. Bhuaileamar leis an mbainisteoir Frank. Chuamar isteach leis agus shuíomar ar an úrlár agus d’fhéachamar ar scannán gearr faoin damba. Ansin, chuireamar geansaithe buí agus hataí crua bána orainn agus thosaíomar an turas. Ar dtús, chonaiceamar an dá tuirbín leictreachais. Ansin, bhuaileamar le Conor sa seomra stiúrtha. D’éisteamar leis ag déanamh cur síos faoin damba. Bhí ríomhaire mór sa seomra stiúrtha agus bhí a lán cnapaí éagsúla ar an mballa. Tá post ag Conor cosúil le Homer Simpson. Tar éis tamaill, chuamar amach chun an damba a fheiceáil. B’éigean dúinn a lán céimeanna a dhreapadh. Nuair a shroich mé an barr, bhí mé ag cur allais. Bhí an radharc go hiontach ann. Chonaic mé abhainn An Laoi, an loch mór Inis Cara, coillte agus an uisce ag titim den damba. Bhí trí geataí móra troma ann. Bhí siad dúnta ach osclaíonn siad na geataí nuair a bhíonn a lán uisce sa loch. Bhí sé ar fheabhas. Ansin, bhí an turas thart. D’fhilleamar go dtí an foirgneamh. Bhain mé mo gheansaí agus mo hata díom. D’fhágamar slán le Frank agus ar ais linn ar scoil. Turas suimiúil a bhí ann agus thaitin sé go mór liom.

Alex Hetherington

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