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Ms. O' Connor's 1st


We enjoy practicing our hurling in the hall and the yard.

Our butterflies really fly and are beautiful to look at.

Elmer the elephant never forgets.

We love typing in the computer room.

We made our own butter. It was yummy.

The 6th class helped us to make Christmas cards.


The New 1st Class. Ms. O’ Connor

The New First Class were scared because they had never been in a big boys’ school before. James Duffy and Ian Esteron were working together to interview two boys from 1 st class and ask them questions about their new school.
  James was asking the questions and Ian wrote their answers. The boys that the teacher picked were the two James from Ms. O Connor’s class. One of the James was a bit shy but the other was happy to answer the questions. The two of them don’t miss senior infants and they like their new teacher. They have made two or three new friends and understand the rules.
They love sports and their favourite subject is Maths. They are learning how to use the computers in the computer room. We asked them what do you think of the hours since in senior infants the hours are shorter, but they didn’t seem to care much.
We asked then what was their favourite part of the school day and who would’ve guessed they both said yard.  They seemed very keen on Harry, our caretaker. They take apples from his fruit cart when he comes around with it. We welcome the new first class to our school.
  ~~~~By Ian Esteron and James Duffy

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