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Mr. Jeffer's 4th


Bah Humbug

At Christmas, a play was put on for the parents and pupils of St. Patrick's. This year, the play of choice was Bah Humbug. It was about the famous character named Mr. Scrooge written by Charles Dickens.
It was one of the best plays conducted in St. Patricks.
The lines, moves and songs were fantastic.
The props were realistic and there was even a moving clock that changed every hour.
The play actors were the two 2nd and 4th classes.
Mr Jeffers, Miss Mullane, Miss Harington and Miss Kelleher were all teachers that put an amazing amount of effort into the play.
The choir was really successful and the boys really enjoyed it.

By James Mullane

Mr.  Jeffer's class

Mr. Jeffer's class are very creative and imaginative boys and these are some of the things that they've been doing this year. An animal scientist, Niamh O' Flynn, came in and talked about animals, habitats and preserving them. We made bird feeders for the birds. We loved counting rings on the tree stump to age the tree. We made rockets in science and tested whose rocket could go the furthest. We went on a maths trail around the school testing all our maths skills. We went up to the library to see Dave Rudden and listen to him reading from one of his books. We go swimming every Friday and love the pool fun at the end of the lesson. We did Willow Weaving in class before Mid-Term break.
We love learning!     

Pictured here are some boys from Mr Jeffers' 4th class enjoying a ghoulish Maths Trail this Halloween time. Also, as part of their Science Week activities the boys partook in multi-sensory maths problem solving activities facilitated by a team Lifetime Lab. STEM rocks!

4th Class Interview

We interviewed a boy from Mr. Jeffers 4th class. He told us about his thoughts.
What is your name? Ryan Hurley.
How old are you? I am 9 years old.
Do you have any brothers or sisters? I have 1 brother and his name is Nathan.
What is your favourite subject? Why? My favourite subject is English because its easy.
What subject do you hate? Why?  I hate Gaelige (Irish) because it’s hard to learn of the words.
Who is your best friend in the class? Rhys.
What do you like about your teacher? I like his lessons because sometimes during the lesson he is getting funny.
What do like to do during spear time? I like playing with Mayfield my soccer team.
What is your best Lunch Time Pal game? My best Lunch Time Pal game is one touch.
Who would you like to be when you grow up? I would like to be soccer player.

By Frank Sobolewski.

Middle Ages

Hi my name is Conor and today I’m going to be telling you about the Middle Ages that we learned in our class. We learned that the middle ages was a tough time. There was no clean drinking water so all the children had to drink beer and all of the rubbish and all the leftovers of meals were just dumped in the street, which caused Black Death (a fatal disease). Black Death is when all the rubbish in the street caused loads of rats to come to the rubbish and killed hundreds of people with the disease on the rats. We also learned that the really rich people had the best clothes and the best houses while the poor people have bumpy glass in their windows and wear old grey rags and jumpers.


Hello my name is Conor and I am going to tell you about the topic materials that we are doing in Mr Jeffer’s class for science. Our class is loving the work we’re doing on materials. We all learned something new.
For example most of our class learned that if you break an atom, it would have an energy bomb so big it would destroy all of Cork City. We even did an activity where we had to sort out the solids, liquids and gases into their groups.

The best example to show materials in different states is water because water in room temperature is a liquid; water in the freezer is ice (a solid) and if you put it in the oven it would turn into steam which is a gas. We also went into the centre of the room and acted like we were a solid, liquid and a gas. All of the class are really interested in materials and are really enjoying it.

By Conor Hurley

Solar System Art
Hello my name is Conor and today I am going to be talking about the solar system art that we are doing in Mr. Jeffer’s class. In my class everybody chose a planet in our solar system. After we had all chosen a planet we did some research in the world books. Then we all started writing about our chosen planet. When we were all done writing we came into the computers and started typing up our reports. Then we started our art. To help us with the art Manus’ mom came in and showed us how to make the surface of the planets in our solar system on small square pages. After that we cut out a circle on each page and we put them on a big black page to look like they really were in space.
The planet that I picked was Saturn because I really wanted to know more about its rings. A new fact that I learned that Saturn has 7 rings. Another report that I thought was very good was Joshia’s report on Neptune. Scott thought it was an amazing experience. If you want to see our reports just look up on the website.  
By Conor Hurley (Mr. Jeffers fourth class)

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