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Mr. Foley's 5th


Mr. Foley's Fifth
We are very busy learning and having fun in fifth. Mr. Foley makes sure we work hard but also have fun doing it. We love quizzes in Maths Challenge, Grammar Workbook and History Lessons. We painted bright flowers for an artpiece which decorates our classroom door. We love Station teaching with Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. O' Connor. We have typed recounts and learned how to use protractors. We learn songs like Boneyard Rap with the other fifth and we really loved learning about WW1 with Ms. Butler. Fitness 10 and Mathletics are two of our favourite activities in school. We learned how seeds grow towards light and how to plant properly. We loved Maths week quizzes and Halloween Poetry. We're even learning how to dance like Zombies in our Thriller Dance for P.E.
As We Learn, We Grow!

Circuitry in 6th
On the 12th of June 2018 Mr. Foleys 6th class were in for a treat as Mr. Roche was their teacher for the day and he had located the circuit boards and we were doing a lesson on electricity.
First we had to light a bulb using two batteries and two wires. Everybody succeeded and Mr. Roche decided to make the task even more difficult by adding another bulb on the circuit. We really enjoyed our circuitry lesson.

Dancing in 6th class
On the 23rd of May Mr. Foley’s 6th class did an exerting dance lesson. First we were split into groups. I was with Daniel Mulryan and Conor McDonagh. Then we went down to the bottom yard where we lined up. Mr. Foley took us through some dance routines and we nailed them. Then we separated in to our groups and created our own dance movement masterpieces. Conor, Daniel and me made a fantastic one. Conor and Daniel were doing the Floss for sixteen beats and then did Hype for 8 beats, ending with their arms folded, Meanwhile I was doing Fresh in the backroad for all 24 beats (p.s. these are all Fortnite dances) At the end of our session we preformed our routines for the whole class. They were all amazing. We finished with the sequence we did at the start and then we went back to class. Some boys were complaining at the start but in the end we all enjoyed it. It just goes to show that even if you not happy with the idea, you can still have fun.
By Conor O’ Brien

The Claw

The Martin Kelly Claw is a game played Mr. Foley’s 6 th class. It is named after Martin Kelly because the first times it was played Martin Kelly was able to catch anything thrown at him. Mr. Foley uses this game as a reward for all the excellent behaviour throughout the day. It is an intense game of concentration reflexes. The game’s rules are simple all you need is a small ball, a tennis ball, and a group of people have to make a circle, about 10m in diameter, around one person in the middle. The person in the middle has the ball and needs to throw it at any one in the circle all the receiver has to do is catch the ball but if they fumble the ball and it hits any surface they are out! The thrower can be sneaky and make fake throws and confuse the participants. As the game progresses the speed of the ball increases and makes it harder to catch the ball. The last person standing wins the game! It is great reward for any class who have made a great effort in the day and just an enjoyable way to end the day!

By Conor O’ Callaghan


Ms. Kiely’s toast      

Ms. Kiely’s toast came in the post.
Wrapped in love and joy.
She doesn’t need to boast,
She gives it to her special boy.
Toasty, crispy, crumbly, crumby,
Buttery, scrumptious, crusty, yummy,
This brown delight makes me smile.
And keeps me going through every mile.

The boys in Breakfast Club and Mr. Foley’s 6th
love Ms. Kiely’s Toast.            Thank you, Ms. Kiely.

Secondary Schools Visit

Coláiste Chriost Rí: On the 7 th of September on a Thursday Mr. Foley and Mr. Hayes from Chriost Ri secondary school came to visit the two Sixth Classes and inform us about their school and why they recommend it to us. Firstly, they showed us a video of their facilities. After this video we were allowed to ask some questions. They told us the date of the open night [13 th/9/17].
Deerpark C.B.S: A couple of days later [3 days later to be exact] on the 10 th of September Deerpark C.B.S came to persuade us to come to their school. Mr. Barry came to represent his school, they also showed us a video of a few primary schools visiting their school. The children in the video looked very happy as they were served a French breakfast. They did activities such as woodwork and metalwork.
Christian Brothers College: On the 18 th of September the science teacher from Christians came to visit us and invite us to their open night. He gave us leaflets that have information about their school. He told us where it was and let us continue working.
Mayfield Community: On the 23 rd of September, Mayfield Community Schools principal Mr. Golden also visited the two sixth classes to inform us about their facilities such as astro-turf pitches, a gym and a swimming pool. He also told us about all the subjects they have. We asked him some questions and he left.
St. Aidan’s: On the 25 th of September St. Aidan’s came to visit us and inform us about their school. Two former students Olan O’ Brien and Adam Lawler came with two girls and their principal to tell us why they think we should attend their secondary school. Then we had time to ask questions and then they said goodbye and left.

By Daniel Mitchell and Conor Shovlin


Dimension Duellers

Conor and Ben were having a 1v1 duel with their cards. It was Conor’s turn to attack and reduced Rockie to 5 hitpoints. Then Ben used his card to finish off Robo-Robo. Suddenly the two cards flew into the air, spinning in circles and soared across the yard to the little forest at the opposite side. Conor and Ben stared in disbelief as their cards disappeared into a purple hole in the ground. They ran across the yard but before jumping in the hole they stopped and considered their options.” I don’t think we should go in there”, said Conor worriedly. Ben shouted something unintelligible that sounded something like “For Rockie!” before jumping into the hole. Conor stared at where Ben had been standing. “For god’s sake” he sighed, then took a step back and took a running leap into the vortex in the ground!!

Ben hit the floor with his face and a couple of seconds later something landed on top of him. He rolled to the side and looked across, expecting to see Conor but instead coming face to face with a robotic creature. Ben scrambled away but when the robot spoke he became confused. “What have you done with Ben”, it shouted. Little did Ben know that he too had transformed and that the robot was actually Conor. As Ben came to his senses he realised that the robot looked like Robo-Robo. “Conor?” Ben asked “Is that you?”. Now Robo-Robo looked confused. “Who are you?” it asked. “Are you blind?” Ben asked, “It’s me, Ben!” “But…but you look like Rockie” it said. Suddenly a thundering sound echoed across the empty plain. Ben and Conor whipped around towards the noise. Charging towards them was a hoard of tiny, spikey-haired monsters. Behind them was a hurricane of fire, advancing quicker by the second. “Why didn’t I give Rockie higher stats?” Ben asked as they both turned and ran in the opposite direction.  Then their vision filled with purple and they tumbled through thin air!!

Conor and Ben sprawled across the grassy area in the yard. When they looked up they saw that a couple of boys were still in the same position as they had been when they had jumped in the portal. They realised that they had something in their hands and when they looked they saw that they had their cards back but with a difference. Conor had a fire card called Stragon and Ben had a grass card called Graso. Conor and Ben looked at each other in amazement and Conor whispered to Ben, “Our cards just became a whole lot more important!”

This is an extract from a story by Conor O Brien and Ben O Driscoll.
For the full story and pictures contact Mr. Foleys 6th Class.

Harrys Jolly Trolley

Knock knock on the door "Hello Girls" Harry roars
A big huge smile across his face, we know we’re in the perfect place
Apples, oranges, bananas gleam
The best Vitamin-C I’ve ever seen
We grab our fruit and say "Thank You"
We gobble it up and go ZOOM ZOOM
The man who ALWAYS gives it holly
It’s Harry’s Jolly Trolley.

Harry’s Jolly Trolley
Harry’s always funny, He always makes me smile
His Ozzy hat his Russian hat makes me run for miles
He doesn’t ask for money And he always gives it holly
His fruit keeps us going Harry’s always jolly!

Harry’s Jolly Trolley
Knock knock on the door.
"Hello girls do you want some more?"
This is what we got today and we don’t even have to pay.
Harry has apples  and bananas that are very clean
And they also keep our teeth white and seen
In rain hail or snow Harry is always there
With his Russian hat on his head
And he looks just like a bear.

Harry’s Jolly Trolley
This man comes in and offers us fruit,
Wearing a Russian hat.
He pulls our ties and calls us cute,
I wouldn’t think of that.

He has the best fruit we’ve ever seen,
And provides us with vitamin C.
We can show all our teeth are clean,
And keeps me working busy as a bee.

Poems by Mr. Foley's 6th Class boys

The School Falls Down: Beware Japanese Knotweed

It was a sunny Friday.  We were sitting in Mr. Foley’s sixth class when a group of people pulled up in a big truck in the top yard.
They got out and they were wearing white suits. We did not know what was going on.  They walked behind the school.
When they came back they got an orange looking spray.  We did not know what it was. They put up a sign saying caution Japanese knotweed.
Then we went home to enjoy the weekend. The caretaker Harry was not aware of the knotweed so he cut it all down.  When he went home it was growing back.
When we came back it was a small bush but for the next two weeks it grew bigger. When we came back it was as high as the school and it was starting to stick to the school.
The school started to fall down bit by bit. The walls in the class rooms were caving in.  Windows started to shatter. The bush had a mind of its own.
It crushed cars and 12 people were injured. The pupils were so happy not to be in the school. That was the story of the school falling down.

Recounted by Jamie Coffey in Mr. Foley’s sixth class

Chinese with Sherry                                     
Chinese is a language known worldwide which originated from, of course, the country, China. It’s so big; I would consider it a continent. They have a very complicated language which was kindly lectured to me and my classmates, by our teacher from China, who’s studying in U.C.C - "Sherry". She could speak the English language very well and had great time for us no matter if we couldn’t understand the simplest of Chinese grammar, she would stay there and work on it no matter how long it took, and she would sit through it, and kindly explain it to all of us, each and every one of us. One session, she even did an origami lesson with us and we all got to make an origami of a Chinese symbol. It was fun but for all of our first tries, it took about a half an hour just to make a single symbol. For the last session, we got little gifts off her. I got bookmarks. But the sessions gave me a new look to my grammar knowledge.
     By Corey Brooks

UCC Trip

On the 30 th of May Mr. Foley’s and Ms. Murphy’s class went to UCC (University College Cork.) Both classes left Mayfield library at 8:50. When we arrived at UCC two student guides showed up and had two massive Prof. Fluffy. Prof. Fluffy is a big ball of purple fluff and is the mascot of UCC. Two boys got to hold professor and they were Manus O Boyle and Jake Quinn. Then a woman named Maive who came to our school recently to tell us a bit about UCC. Maive was part of the part of the Prof. Primary students to go on to 3 rd level education. Then we went to a massive lecture hall it was so big that it Fluffy programme which is trying to convince could fit our entire school in it. Maive talked about college for a while and then some student guides introduced themselves. When they were done introducing themselves we got split up into groups of five. When we were all split up we went to get some lunch. We got chocolate muffins and some juice it was delicious. Then we headed to the famous Boole Library. We got a tour of the library. I thought it was very interesting. There were over a million books in the library. When we were done that door we went to the North Wing and saw the door for the president of UCC Patrick O Shea. Then we had a graduation for the Professor fluffy programme. When the graduation was over we went for second lunch. For second lunch the choices were sausages and chips or fish and chips. I chose sausages and that was scrumptious. When we were all done eating we went on the bus back to school just in time for home time.

By Conor Hurley

Mona Lisa
In Mr. Foley’s class we are doing some art on the Mona Lisa. When we heard about doing that art the class were excited, but personally I don’t like it .The boys are trying to replicate some parts of the image completely. It is very difficult.  We all made our own funny version with pencils with crossed eyes and funny noses. Mr Foley always puts the original art on the interactive white board for us to get inspiration.
We are trying our best to do a real life model of it. It’s so hard .We all tried to shade the hair, body and cloak. Two of our best artist’s Manus and Joshia are even struggling to complete their Mona Lisa.  
 By Stephen Power


From the fifth of March to the tenth Mr. Foley’s fifth class made up a system.
The teacher set up this point system where there are four characters and they are trying to get to Rome. The goal is to try to get your character to Rome and you will be able to move your character by being good in the class.

On the ninth of March three of the groups got to Rome meaning they got a prize, the prize was a pencil, and a homework pass and an extra ten minutes of play time. I was in one of the groups that got to Rome.

I enjoyed it and I bet the other boys in the class did as well.

By Seán O’ Callaghan   

Maths Week
On the 15 th of October it was maths week which meant schools all around Ireland were celebrating and learning about maths more than usual. First of all, while Mr. Foley’s class were going to the library we set a maths trail for the school. We started the maths trail just outside the main doors. Then we carried on the trail at McSweeney’s Shop.  Secondly, we did a survey from first class to fourth class. The surveys were what your favourite sport is, what your favourite animal is and what your favourite holiday is.
After we gathered all the information each group drew a graph. There were four different types of graphs made: line graph, bar graph, block graph and a trend graph. Lastly, we had a maths quiz to end the maths week for 5 th and 6 th class. There were five rounds with five questions in each round. The last round had ten questions. There were four boys in each group: three boys from fifth and one from sixth.

The maths quiz questions weren’t easy. The questions challenged us. There were multiplication, shapes, word problems and length questions. The winning group got a score of 34 out of 35. They got a piece of chocolate as a prize. We have to say thanks to Ms. Mullane and all the other teachers for organising it.

By Conor Hurley and Stephen Power   

Lifetime lab

On the sixth of November, Mr Foley’s fifth class took a trip to the Lifetime Lab. On the bus, my partner Manus was always chatting to me so it didn’t seem long.
When we had arrived at the Lifetime Lab, we met our instructor, Unna, she had granted us ten minutes in the playground, which didn’t seem like that at all. Our first lesson was all about the different temperatures, such as Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.
Our second lesson was a hand’s on activity, we had to make an electrical circuit that powers a fan. Then, it was our lunch time, and afterwards we had another ten minutes in the playground.
Our final lesson was a lesson where we had to estimate which water would stay warm the longest wrapped in a certain material.
For me, the Lifetime Lab is a great day out, not just for me, but for anyone that’s interested in science. I LOVE IT!

By Corey Brooks

Fifth class science experiment

In Mr. Foley’s fifth class, boys were doing science experiments on the senses. The first experiment was about the sense of touch. What we did was something that you can do at home. All you need is a set of Jenga blocks, a blindfold and a timer. First wrap the blindfold around your head. Then get twelve pieces of the jenga blocks. Start the timer and try stack the jenga pieces like the game with one hand and without seeing the blocks. The person with the fastest time shows greatest processing speed without sight.

The second experiment that we did was on the sense of sight. This one you can do at home as well. All you need is a cup, (try use plastic)  coins or marbles, and a sheet to record the score. So start of by closing one eye and have someone else swirl the cup around. Have two to five marbles and try get them into the cup. Repeat this step except have two eyes open. Record the scores and see which is better. We found that 2 eyes open were better than 1 eye open when aimimg and throwing. This is because using both eyes gives a better perspective of distance, height and position.

We then tested who had the sharpest eyesight. Each boy did an eye test. We read out as many letters as possible outside the door. The person with the highest score has the sharpest vision. Justin Kennedy scored 48 letters correct making him the Fifth Class Champion. The eye is made up of many parts which help us to see. The lens is the part which helps us to focus on a particular object.

Report by Seán O’ Callaghan, Mr. Foley’s Fifth class

Interviewee: Jake Quinn 5th Class   Interviewer: Alex Mc Carthy (Reporters Group) I interviewed a boy from 5th class and here are his thoughts.
Hi my name is Jake  Quinn.
I am ten years old.
I am in 5th Class this year.
My favourite subject in school is maths because I like the long division.
The homework is a bit harder than the last few years.

On the 20th of October, Mr. Foley's 5th class went to the Everyman Palace to see a Musical Play. They travelled on foot but luckily St. Patrick's school is really close to it, so it only took 15 minutes. One of the boys from Mr. Foley's 5th was performing. His name is Joshia. The play that he was performing in was called "Fame the musical". They sat up on the balcony in the Everyman. It was a perfect view and you could see everything. It wasn't good. It was amazing! There was lots of singing and dancing and boys and girls who really had the X Factor. I would recommend going to see it.

By Seán O' Callaghan

"Fame" the musical is packed with a lot of excitement, talent, and friendships! I was in the intermediate ensemble in the 3 day musical at "The Everyman Theatre". I was delighted when the class came to watch the musical because they could watch the cast's effort into making the production an enjoyable experience. Perfoming in a play is a great way to build your self- confidence and to share your talent. I'm really glad I took the chance to audition for "Fame". I hope the class learned that singing, drama or dancing is for everyone after they watched the show. The main reason on why I love performing is because there is nothing better then making a person smile and enjoy something. In my opinion, my favourite character is Tyrone (Jackson) because he is all about making cool vibe on the stage. I would definetly audition for the next show! My favourite part is the Hip - Hop dance. I would really like to say thanks to the teachers and classmates for coming to support "Fame".  

By Joshia Limansag

Dear Fifth Class Parents;

I hope you are all back in the routine of school life with your sons.  The boys are a lovely bunch and are working hard in class and at home with their fifth class curriculum. We have 21 boys this year (with 2 new very welcome arrivals) and I will be using group work for the moment in the boys’ seating.  Mr. Horgan (Special Education teacher/ Drama/ Computers/ SPHE) , Ms. Margaret Kiely (SNA/Literacy/Cooking/Art etc.) and myself will all be working with the class this year. Ms. Kelleher will again be teaching the class music and also we will be the choir for the communion mass. We may be learning Chinese in class this year as well as lots of other exciting lessons and trips. (Drama trip next week/Science Trip December). We use a class reward system called Class dojo and also Student of the Week. We also give different boys different duties or responsibilities to complete during the week.
I look forward to meeting with you all individually at a later stage in October and discussing your son’s progress.   If there is any issue you need to discuss before that time, I am available after school some days or you can make an appointment through Sandra, the school Secretary. (A note in the homework journal will suffice to inform me of any small issue.)
Uniform:      Everyday except P.E.
Library Fortnightly: Tuesday
Tracksuit:  P.E. day is Thursday (Glen Resource)
Art/Cookery: Friday

Homework:  The homework amount will be similar to last year.  Reading, Writing, Maths, Spellings and Tables with some other learning/written work most nights. Your support of the boys’ learning at home is greatly appreciated and helps ensure that we are all contributing to your son’s learning.  The benefits of this parent/adult assistance cannot be understated and support every aspect of the boys’ learning in class. After the written work is completed, it is important that an adult assists your son with the following..
1. Learns/Practises Times Tables  2. Reads and discusses reading (L.L.O.) 3. Learns Spellings     4. Supports study for Friday Test
1 Times Tables: For September and October the boys should learn and say their times tables to an adult. (Quiz them also by asking in random order e.g.  2 x 4 ?  2x 7? 2 x 12? Etc.)
2. Reading: Your son should read aloud to an adult. You can then analyse/discuss the text with him. (What was that paragraph about? What does the word _____ mean? Etc….more examples in homework journal and L.L.O. folder) You then sign off on his reading sheet/LLO journal.
3.Learns Spelling:  Your son writes the spellings 3 times, learns them and then should be quizzed by an adult. You only need to sign the Test copy when it comes home.
4. Supports study for Friday Test: Most homework days, the boys will be given some piece of the curriculum to learn before Friday e.g. Irish Essays/History chapters/Counties etc. The boys are given Monday to Thursday to study and learn this piece of learning before Friday testing. Again, anyway you can support this learning at home is appreciated.
If you need any further assistance with this or are unsure of how to support your son’s learning at home, please let me know. I also remind you that there is a list of great educational websites in the homework journal which your son would enjoy using at your discretion. You could also google the following sites
Gaeilge: Séidean Sí
English: Woodlands Junior Literacy
Maths: Hit The Button

Secondary Schools: It is a good idea to start deciding on a secondary school for your son this year. Attend the Open Nights of potential schools this year if possible to help with your decisions. We will inform you of any that we are made aware of but also keep an eye on the websites/contact the secondary school to be sure.
I will weekly include some feedback in your son’s test copy or journal for you to read and discuss with your son. This will progress to a learning focus after the midterm.

Míle buíochas is go n-éirí an bothar linn go léir,
Shane Foley

On the 29 of May 2016 Mr Foley’s fifth class finally, after three weeks waiting went on an overnight trip to Kilcully.
It started off like no other by sitting in class, working. The excitement was chipping away at me all day, until Mr. Foley called me, Eoghan and Max out to prepare the food. We had pasta and chicken nuggets. At this point our parents were there to collect us in Aras Padráig. Simultaneously we all left  
We arrived in Kilcully and gathered in a circle .Mr. Foley and Mr. Jeffers demonstrated how to pitch a tent, then we set off.
We had 30 minutes to pitch our tents. In that time we had to name and organise our tent. We stayed in two man tents and I stayed with John. It was a hard procedure but we did it.  John and I called our tent We Beat Nature.
Once again Mr. Foley summoned me out but this time it was to get the utensils and ingredients for the food. It didn’t take long before I was back out in the field playing games such as rounders, Frisbee and soccer. Time seemed to just whizz by and what seemed to be one hour turned out to be four. Once again we were called back. We didn’t know why. We entered a hall with several tables and chairs. At each table sat many of mash, sausages and beans. We all rejoiced at the sight of food. In a matter of minutes it was all gone, and we were back out in the field playing.
Many more hours passed. Mr. Foley gave a grand roar telling us to join again. It was what we were waiting for.....the campfire. It took many minutes to get blazing but once it started it went inferno. Hot blazing waves slashed into our skin .With hot marshmallows roasting on sticks we sang merrily through the night telling ghost stories too. We stayed there for hours. But like all things it had to end .It was about 11 O Clock when we entered our tents. Many complained with the cold but I couldn’t feel it. I couldn’t sleep; I just lay there in silence. At early dawn I dosed only to be woken by the sweet sound of birds chirping.
We all arose and had cereal for breakfast. Many were surprised by my choice of bed wear. I was wearing my parrot 1 Z. We cleaned our bowls, got dressed and began another day of fun. We played games for hours until our parents came to collect us.
It was a tiring experience but highly enjoyable. Thank you to Cain O Brien, Mr. Jeffers, Mr Lettis, Mr .Duffy, Mr. Mullins and Mr. Foley for giving up their night to give us an experience we’ll never forget.
By Olan O Brien.

Camping in Kilcully
On Thursday the 26th of May we were going to go camping in Kilcully for our school tour. It was a pretty ordinary day up until after school where we had a bite to eat. Chicken nuggets and pasta were served out to each pupil and eaten quickly. Shortly afterwards, we all drove off to Kilcully with our parents.  I stopped off at Joans’ to get a sugar boost to help me get through the day. When we got there, we were shown how to put up our two man tents.  I was paired up with Michael Lane and we were the first ones to get our tents up and our sleeping mats, bags and other stuff inside of them.
After everyone put up their tents, Mister Jeffers shouted out “there’s an inspection in five minutes”. He also said to pick a name for our tents. Everybody hurried to clean, organise their tents and pick a name for their tents as well. We named our tent “Mission Survive”. After all the hard work we went over to a small pitch to play soccer and next to it there was a humongous field where the other half of the class played rounders. It was really enjoyable and we also swapped over as well.  After all the tiring sport half of the class went inside a hall thing to eat bangers, mash and baked beans. The food was prepared well by the teachers but it was sad that all Mr. Foley did the whole day was cooking. It was worth it though. After our scrumptious meal, we were either resting in our tents for 20 minutes or else playing Frisbee or Soccer.
At half 8 we headed over to the campfire pit to light it up. Nearly everybody brought a packet of marshmallows with them to roast in front of the campfire and to make smores. Mr. Jeffers got a load of firelighters to get the bonfire going. At the start it nearly fell on him. Then we took auditions for people to sing songs in front of the class, the first one was “Watch me Whip” the next one was “Let it Go”. At quarter past nine we started saying ghost stories Aaron said the first one. The scariest was Luke Daly’s or Luke Connolly’s but I couldn’t choose between them.  Just before bedtime, we saw a fox leaping across the field just next to where we were sleeping. We were all wrecked so everyone went to sleep pretty fast.

I woke up just around the 5 o clock mark. I could hear Jake and Frank in the tent next to me. The way I got up was just plain cruel, there was some rain on the top of our tent and Michael punched the top and most of it splattered on to my face. At quarter past eight half the class went into the dining hall to have some cold cereal plus added milk. We then spent an hour playing Frisbee or else soccer then took down the tents. Again, Michael and I were the first to finish taking down our tents. Soon after we all finished taking down our tents. At quarter past ten we played two long games of tip the can where Eoghan and Olan were on, unfortunately know one freed all. At half past eleven we started a soccer match ,we had so much fun. At half past twelve we got our stuff and waited for our parents.
It was a great experience I we would all like to do it again

By Ben Heffernan and Iftikhaar Rizwan    

Our Trip To U.C.C
On the 31st of may 2016 Mr. Foleys class went on a tour to U.C.C

Early that morning the class walked to Kelleher’s Buildings from the school. We got on the bus and shortly we arrived in U.C.C
As soon as we arrived we entered a lecture hall. Mauve the head of U.C.C plus gave us a recap of the Prof. Fluffy programme.  After that
We were put into groups of three and we had our own student ambassadors
Next we had a quick bite to eat, we had chocolate and blueberry muffins.
Afterwards we had a quick tour around the campus.  Then we went to a big garden and a mini graduation. The we went home
The End
Stephen Callaghan and Alex McCarty12

On Monday the 23rd of April, our 5th class boys and St John’s 5th class took part in a soccer tournament. It took place in Mayfield Community School.  We walked up there with Mr. Foley, Mr. Lettis and Ms. Murray in the scorching heat. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 5 teams from both schools were selected to play four 12 minute games. Orange bibs had a good team but only won 1 of their four games .Yellow bibs had a better team winning one and drawing two of their games Lastly St. Patrick’s  non bibs had the best team, winning four of their four  games and winning out the tournament.
Overall it was a thrilling day and everyone had a great time. The transition year students were really kinds for letting us go down to the school’s astro turf pitch. St. John’s had two skilful teams and gave us a good sporting competition.
By Callum O Sullivan and Frank Sobolewski, [Mr. Foleys fifth class]


On the 18th of April, Mr. Foley's fifth class and Ms. Murphy's third class went to the City Hall to perform our 1916 drama piece and rap. We were definitely ready to perform because we had been practising for about 4 weeks.   We all met at the side of the City Hall at 7pm sharp. There were loads of schools queuing up outside the City Hall. We went in and got our seats in the middle on the bottom floor. We were the fifth act to perform our rap and drama piece before the intervals on the night of Cór Fheile.There were 10 acts altogether. When the fourth act was performing we went side stage and got a pep talk off all the teachers. Firstly, Eoghan came out and introduced us and then Olan A.K.A Mr. Cremin started off the play with the first line “Good morning boys”. We all stood up and performed the rap. We knew that they enjoyed the drama and the rap as well because of the huge applause at the end. When we sat down we got tubs of ice-cream during the interval. We watched the rest of the acts and had a great time. All the effort paid off that night on the stage and we will never forget it. At the end every school got a certificate for all the brilliant singing and the different acts. We can all say that we will never be able to forget that night. On the stage, we were all very nervous but just gave it socks! Thank you a lot we couldn't have done it without the help of local rapper GMC and our amazing teachers who helped us to create and produce the song.
We sent an email to the Cór Fheíle committee to thank them for accommodating us. The next day we received an email from the Cór Fheíle committee. Needless to say, Mr. Foley gave us a 10/10 the very next day. We held a party on Thursday to celebrate how great our act was and how much effort we put in.

By Iftikhaar Rizwan and Shane Manning. (Mr. Foley’s 5th class)

On the 18th of April, Mr. Foley's fifth class and Ms. Murphy's third class went to the City Hall to perform our 1916 drama piece and rap. We all met at the side of the City Hall at 7pm sharp. There were loads of schools queuing up outside. we went in and got our seats in the middle on the bottem floor.We were the fifth act to performe before the intervile on the night of Cór Fheile.There were 10 acts altogheter. When the fourth act were performing we went sidestage and got pep talk off all the teachers.First Eoghan came out and interduced and then we performed the rap after the drama piece.The audience enjoyed the drama because of the applause at the end.When we sat down we got ice-cream during the interval. We watched the rest of the acts and had a great time.At the end every school got a certificate for all the brilliant singing and the different acts. We can all say that we will never be able to forget that night. On the stage, we were all very nervous but just gave it socks! Thank you a lot we couldn't have done it without the help of GMC and our amazing teachers.We sent a email to the Cór Fheíle commity to thank them for acomidating us.The next day we resived a email from the Cór Fheíle commity.Needless to say, Mr.Foley gave us a 10/10 the very next day. We held a party on Thursday for the show that we gave at Cór fhéile.

By Iftikhaar Rizwan and Shan Manning.(5th class)

GMC's visit
GMC came to our class and helped us make a rap for 1916. GMC is a Cork rapper. He came to help us make a song about 1916. We had lots of fun making the rap because each group made a verse that made it into the song. He helped us if we were stuck trying to ryhme words. GMC even sang some of his own raps. GMC brought his equipment to our school. We will be producing a song for 1916 to perform at the Cor Fhéile in the City Hall. Some of the boys even stayed back after school to help make the finished product. Our favourite part was when GMC rapped for us. Making the rap actually gave us an idea about what happened in the Easter Rising,1916. The hardest part was making our lyrics.We learned that rapping is harder than it looks.Click the link above to listen to the full song

'We Salute You!' Music Video by 5th Class St. Patrick's B.N.S. CLICK HERE.

If the mp3 can't play above, try this website link. Click and Enjoy.

'Heroes Young and Old, We Salute You.'

Heroes of 1916- We Salute You!

The Ark of Dun Ruah

In fifth class the boys are reading ‘The Ark of Dun Ruah’. It is a novel that has 235 pages and the author is Maria Burke.
The book is an adventure story about a young inventor Simon, Kerry the fashion designer, owl and giant eagles that can talk. They visit the Land of Fire on the Ark of Dun Ruah.  
I like the book, when the author is describing Pod the blue owl, Simon the young inventor who liked playing with fire and Kerry the fashion designer. My favourite part so far is when the giant eagle attacked the old man, the old man hit the giant eagle and the eagle flew away, it was very exciting. There was a lot of imagination and description. I think the author is very good at creative descriptive writing.

Maria Burke has started the new book which is called Protectors of the Flame, which is a continuation of “The Ark of Dun Ruah”. I’m looking forward to reading the new book.

On Wednesday 7th of October, our fifth class and4thclass from the girls school visited Mayfield Library to see Maria Burke. She talked about her writing skills and how she wrote ‘The Ark of Dun Ruah’ and gave us some tips for when we would be writing our novels.

Here are some interesting facts:

1. Maria Burke planned The Ark of Dun Ruah for 10 years and then it took her 2 weeks to write the final product.
2. Maria Burke is a great artist even though she’s an author.
3. Maria Burke was in her late thirties when she started the ‘The Ark of Dun Ruah’.
4. When Maria Burke was ½ way through ‘The Ark of Dun Ruah’ her son was born.
5. After she finished ‘The Ark of Dun Ruah’ she started on her second book called ‘The Protectors of The Flame’.

By Frank Sobolewski (Fifth class)

By Frank Sobolewski

Collins Barracks Open Day

On Wednesday the 20th of May, Mr. Foley’s class went to the Collins Barracks Open Day. We went there because Michael Doyle’s dad gave us a free pass to look around. Half an hour before we went, it started pouring rain. We were all very disappointed because we had to go up there while we were getting soaked. Luckily, the scorching sun dried it up in ten minutes flat. We walked around. We got split into two groups and some of us even got our faces painted. We got to see and try out sniper guns, rpgs, cannons and camouflage suits. There were gas masks and a chemical truck. I was listening really hard so I got a gold badge. We looked around some more, and then we gathered around the display square. Mr. Foley brought us to the display square and we saw soldiers launching a pretend rocket. We headed over to the military museum and into the badges room. Overall, it was a lovely experience holding guns and getting into tanks and I hope we can come again next year.

By Iftikhaar Rizwan

A Visit to the Amazing Glen Park

On Thursday the 16th of April, Mr Foley brought us to the Glen Park. We went there to explore our local park.
The sun was splitting the stones  and the lush green grass glistened around us.
We went up to the Glen Park after big lunch and sadly everybody didn’t go there because a few boys had to hurling training. As we were walking through Dillon’s Cross, Mr. Foley stopped us.
He told us to look up, and we did. We saw a silver plaque that said Brian Dillon and Mr Foley gave us a brief history lesson on The Burning of Cork and the death of Brian Dillon. When we arrived at the Glen Park we got split up into three groups: Crossbar Challenge with Mr. Lettis, Tip the Can with Mr. Foley and finally a walk around the whole park with Martha.
My favourite part was when I hit the crossbar and also when John made a bet with Mr. Foley. I think it was really fun and I hope we go there again soon!

By Iftikhaar Rizwan

Winter Wonderland

On Wednesday, the 14th of January, it was basically the first time in forever that it snowed. The last time it properly snowed was in 2012. I, and many other boys got up to a surprise when we saw the snow tipped windows and pulled the curtains to see the roads as white as a paper sheet. Many boys found walking down hills as hard as descending Everest. Half of the boys in our class were not present that day. At half past ten, we headed to the bottom yard which was covered in a sheet of snow. We went over to the astro turf area and began to build two snowmen and a snow-dog. After that we went to the upper yard to take a class photo. Mr. Foley, us and part of 6th class watched RTÉ for a while. RTÉ were stating five orange nation-wide warnings for ice and wind. Near the end of the day, we started playing hockey in the sports hall. We started taking free pucks on Mr. Foley. Three boys scored and all our class got homework off. And that my friends, is that!

By Iftikhar Rizwan and Ben Heffernan.

Snow hero
It was 20/11/2014.  We were at the Glen Resource Centre. The day was Thursday and we got there at 1 o’ clock.  The girl named Evelyn and the boy named Oliver and another girl named Laura told us the rules of Snowtubing. It took 2 minutes to tell. After that some of them got to go first. I and some others went next we were going up the hill. On the hill we had to wait. It took one minute. We all had 5 shots on the 1 man and 2 man tubes. It was really fun. The tubes were hard and we had to hang our legs over the sides. We had lots of fun. We got back into our line and went back to school. On the way, some people were commenting about the Snowtubing. ''It was 10 out of 10'' said Frank. ''I loved it,'' said Michael. ''I want to do that again,'' said Ben.
Thank you to the Glen resource Centre for giving us such a fun day out.


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